Is 5’8 considered a height that is short men today?

Is 5’8 considered a height that is short men today?

Is 5’8 considered a short height for men today? I usually see girls mention within their choices a guy is wanted by them this is certainly at the very least 5’10. Is not 5’9 average?

No bashing in this thread please. As an example whenever i appearance at myself in pictures or in the mirror, i look a little quick. Yet how do girl that are like 5’4 may think some guy that is 5’8 be short? After all since i’m 5’8 and when i see a man that is 5’11 he definitely appears high.

I don’t know. Do girl like 5’3 look at a even guy 5’7 5’8 and state they truly are brief? I am talking about she actually is a beneficial 4-5 ins reduced.

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>>Let me place it for you in this manner. A 5′-3″ girl stating that a man that is 5′-8 quick is much like a non-obese guy stating that a lady with A-cup or B-cup breasts has “small breasts.” Clearly the girl at issue has bigger breasts compared to male commenter, but that is plainly maybe not the purpose. It is about evaluations along with other females. When compared with males, B-cup breasts is “large”. but in contrast to other more endowed females, B-cup breasts are “small.” Exact same is true for height. a 5′-8″ man would be high in comparison to girls, but in comparison to a number of other guys, that is brief. As well as in the conclusion, it simply boils down from what those girls that are individual drawn to. No matter whether the woman is 5′-10″, 5′-7″, or 5′-3″. whatever she actually is interested in is exactly what she actually is drawn to. Continue reading Is 5’8 considered a height that is short men today?