Please feel free to download appropriate information to support your organization with day-to-day risk engineering issues.


The risk remote – how to assess facilities remotely.

The risk on top – what to consider when installing Photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The risk between – how to maintain your supply chain or assure business continuity under difficult circumstances.

The risk inside – how to assure safe storage in your warehouse.

The risk understood – a thorough approach through hazard analysis.

Inspired Solutions offers a range of downloads to support your organization with day-to-day risk engineering information.

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ASIS International is a professional organisation for Security professionals with over 40,000 members worldwide and over 200 local chapters. Inspired Solutions is a member of ASIS International and the Swiss Chapter.

IOSH is the Institute for Occupational Safety & Health with over 47,000 members in over 120 countries. Inspired Solutions supports IOSH both international as well through the Swiss Chapter.

TAPA is the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), a not for profit organization engaged in minimizing cargo losses from the supply chain. Inspired Solutions applies the global security standards, recognized industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking and pro-active identification methodologies on supply chain security threats.

Hilti is a multinational engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of building construction materials including fire stopping. Inspired Solutions recognizes the Hilti Firestop Selector site as a professional platform for effective fire stop materials.

The website of Guy Carpenter provides insights on recent NatCat incidents as well other insurance related events that drive the risk engineering world.